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Teachers of Dance for Health

by Katerina Dietzova

Questionaire analysis: Elementary questions risen during ISP Prague

During ISP event in Prague, students and teachers had a possibility to practically experience and further think about their.

Anna Sedlačková

by Veronika Simkova Anna Sedlačková has been a dancer, choreographer and teacher for.

Freedom and the Feldenkrais Method

An article by Anna Yeatman PhD which considers the relationship of the.

Teri Jeanette Weikel


Dream project

In one of the classes of my colleague, one of the dancers was sharing a dream he had –.

Bolero in Bassano del Grappa

Bassano del Grappa is a.

Kateřina Dietzová

by Veronika Simkova Kateřina Dietzová studied at Duncan Centre Conservatory in Prague and as.

Why dance for Parkinson’s Disease

Dance for PD is a.


"Bringing your attention consequently back to what is healthy and relevant for practice.".
Article Interview

Transferable skills of the dancer with Andrew Greenwood and Marc Vlemmix by Guy Cools

The Dutch dance curator Marc Vlemmix and the British choreographer and ballet master Andrew Greenwood met when they developed.
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EXPLORE to get inspired: The road to change and discovery! Learn about current inclusive practices that challenge dance artists to make cross-overs, to re-think their practice and to stretch and strengthen the definition of dance careers.

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