Model Dance Class for People with Parkinson’s

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workshop with Rena Milgrom and Kateřina Dietzová

Parkinson disease influences heavily one’s relationship with his own body. Many activities as walking, writing or grabbing something, which would be typically automatic, are with the progress of the disease more and more difficult. That has a great influence on daily life of a person with Parkinson disease.

Through dance program for Parkinson patients we are working on physical issues of balance, flexibility, power, coordination and posture, as well as on creativity and self-expression. During those classes physical activity is motivated through own imagination and self-exploration. In this sense it is a perfect way how to explore own movement possibilities and ways how to express yourself with respect to own situation.

In this video you can see a model dance class for PD dancers with the participation of PD dancers from Prague branch of organization Parkinson Help, z.s. and dance students and pedagogues.


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