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ILL-Abilities Crew (Canada)

'No Excuses, No Limits!' This is the life motto of the five dancers who are forming the international Breakdance Crew ILL-ABILITIES™. I.L.L. standing.
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StopGap Dance Company – IRIS

IRIS is an inclusive dance syllabus that gives teachers a framework for the disabled dancers of tomorrow. It is.
Article Interview

Interview – Inclusiedans: Wat en hoe?

Inclusiedans: wat en hoe? Choreografen Iris Bouche.
Film Interview

Physically Being Me – Six Stories from Deaf and Disabled Dancers

Physically Being Me explores the positive journeys and thoughts of six disabled people who dance from their point of.

Questionaire analysis: Elementary questions risen during ISP Prague

During ISP event in Prague, students and teachers had a possibility to practically experience and further think about their.

Guerrilla project/ Re-designing Spaces 2015

Fontys Dance Academy 2015 Project Guerrilla/ Re-designing Spaces. Choreography: Katja.

Dance and architecture: Dancing Cities

In order to perform dance in the public space it is useful to understand the public space in itself..

Dance and Physics: Neurocognition and Globalization

George Lakoff lectures at the International House at U.C. Berkeley on "Retaking Political Discourse." Recorded December 1, 2011 as.

Performance Project: Jukeboxcity by Vloeistof (in Dutch)


Dance education in Public Space: Re-designing Spaces

Contemporary dance education in public space inspires students to discover the potential of their artistry from different perspectives. By confronting the.
Article Interview

Transferable skills of the dancer with Andrew Greenwood and Marc Vlemmix by Guy Cools

The Dutch dance curator Marc Vlemmix and the British choreographer and ballet master Andrew Greenwood met when they developed.
Article Interview

Transferable skills of the dancer with Frank Bock

Frank Bock was a founding member of The Featherstonehaughs (1987-2011), and co-artistic director of Bock and Vincenzi (1995-2007) a.

Transferable skills of the dancer with Dana Caspersen

Interview by Guy Cools Dana Caspersen is a performing artist and conflict mediator. Born in the United States, she has.
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EXPLORE to get inspired: The road to change and discovery! Learn about current inclusive practices that challenge dance artists to make cross-overs, to re-think their practice and to stretch and strengthen the definition of dance careers.

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