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Body Awareness & Our Perception

Inspiring TEDTalk: What if you could overcome challenges just by drinking juice? In her enlightening talk, Dr. Simone Schnall of.

Architecture, Emotions & The Future

An inspiring TEDTalk: "Architecture is not about math or zoning — it's about visceral emotions," says Marc Kushner. In a.

What to learn about the brain from art education?

George Lakoff, a neuroscientist and theorist who introduced embodied cognition several years ago gives a lecture on the brain.

Dance and Neurocognition: An Experiment

An experiment on dance and physics. How can thinking and moving influence together to get to know more? That.
Film Interview

Dance and Architecture: Choreographing Architecture part III

Dance in public space can re-define context, connotations and meaning of the public domain by intervening the space and.

Dance and Architecture: Choreographing Architecture part II

Dance in public space can re-define context, connotations and meaning of the public domain by intervening the space and.
Public Event

Let us know what you think and do with Transferable Skills

Let us know your ideas and practices with Tranferable Skills of the dance artist by responding on this item.

Beyond integration: reformulating physical disability in dance

A thesis submitted to the University of Bedfordshire. Author: Eimir McGrath Abstract: Dance performance that is inclusive of dancers with differing corporealities has.

A Cognitive Scientist looks at Dance Making

In this talk prof. David Kirsh talks about his recent project, where he focuses on how humans think with.

Dance, thinking, hormones

Dr Peter Lovatt is a reader in Psychology and a principal lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, where he.

Neuroscience meets dance/movement therapy: Mirror neurons, the therapeutic process and empathy

This article is an in-depth study in recent discovery of mirror neurons. A keystone of the therapeutic process of.

The neurons that shaped civilization

During the lecture on Dance for patients with Parkinson disease at ISP Prague, we mentioned one of the newest.

Wayne McGregor: Neuroscience and Dance

In 2015 there was held very interesting talk between Wayne McGregor (choreographer and director of Random Dance Company in.

Embodied neuroscience: Making sense of dance

In this lecture the neuroscientist and choreographer Dr. Corinne Jola is sharing her life-long interest  and research on how.

The neural basis of the human dance

In this indepth study the researchers Steven Brown, Michael J. Martinez and Lawrence M. Parsons investigate the human dance.

EXPLORE to get inspired: The road to change and discovery! Learn about current inclusive practices that challenge dance artists to make cross-overs, to re-think their practice and to stretch and strengthen the definition of dance careers.

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