ILL-Abilities Crew (Canada)

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‘No Excuses, No Limits!’ This is the life motto of the five dancers who are forming the international Breakdance Crew ILL-ABILITIES™. I.L.L. standing for ‘Individuals Living Life’ and creating an (online) platform for people inspiring others with their own remarkable story.
Basically founded (Canada, 2007) with the intention of being a ‘Super Crew’ of dancers with a disability, but now becoming a global movement promoting empowerment and encouraging limitless possibilities through their theatre performances, integrated dance workshops and speeches.

– Every year, they organize the ‘No Limits Festival’ showing local and international hiphop/breakdance talent.
– ILL- Abilities created their own teaching method, inclusive for alle ages and disabilities. Their website gives a better insight in their own developed inclusive practice.

The video underneath shows their performance on the Annual San Francisco International Hiphop DanceFest in 2009.

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