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Jürg Koch has been made aware of the progressive teaching approach at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp through the presentation of Kris de Visscher from DEMOS at the Disability and Performer Training – A colloquium, in Zürich last year.

As an educator Jürg Koch focuses on contemporary dance technique and composition. He has a specialized interest in Integrated Dance and creating access to training and choreographic content for a diversity of participants.
‘I have over a decade of experience in teaching all levels of contemporary technique classes at the University of Washington and beyond that company classes and workshops in various formats. From 2009-2013 I organized and ran the Integrated Dance Summer Intensive in Seattle.’

Based on this interest, Jürg Koch wrote an essay: ‘Find your own pace and move together, The Application of Universal Design of Instruction in Dance Degrees in Higher Education’.
Researching and writing this essay challenged him to rethink his own teaching conventions and served as a blue print to develop further material and processes. Written in 2010 the article presents his approach up to that point. The collection of material has grown since then, as each new teaching environment and presentation provides opportunities to apply and develop these approaches further.

Short introduction ‘Find your own pace and move together’:

Over the past thirty years dance companies working with disabled and nondisabled performers have developed successful methodologies effective in workshops and company training.  While the principle of inclusion in the creative process and performance seems to spread relatively easily, it proves both difficult and problematic to transfer integrated dance into mainstream teaching and to provide comprehensive training and education for performers with disabilities.
After providing a historic overview of integrated dance, I discuss the application of UD of Instruction to dance degree programs and studio practice. Central in this discussion is how to move beyond working with adaptations as a device for students with disabilities. The aim instead is to create access for a more diverse student population by developing a skill-specific curriculum with teaching methodologies, assessment criteria, class structures and material relevant to all participants in the class.

To read the essay (in English): Jürg Koch – Find your own pace and move together

Biography Jürg Koch:

Born in Switzerland Jürg Koch has been working internationally as a performer, choreographer and dance educator since 1998. He trained dance in Amsterdam and London gaining an MA at the London Contemporary Dance School. Furthermore, he has been working with Candoco integrating disabled and non-disabled performers and dancing in contemporary repertory including works by Bill T Jones, Javier de Frutos and Fin Walker informs Jürg’s artistic and pedagogic outlook.

In January 2004 he joined the faculty in the Dance Program at the University of Washington as a lecturer. He was  appointed Assistant Professor in 2008 and promoted to Associate Professor in 2014. He now lives in Bern, Switzerland and works as a freelance dance artist.

To find out more: Website Jürk Koch

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