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Corporate Body Practice is a research initiative launched in 2016 by Laurent Delom, aiming at transferring body-based skills acquired through movement practice onto corporate workers. It focuses on competences most needed for daily working interactions. The project is supported by Corporeal – Research Group of the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp.

Corporate Body Practice stimulates participants with challenges in orientation, observation and relation based on movement tasks. It enhances the set of skills that naturally root in our body: autonomy, awareness, communication, observation, pro-activity etc…

Building upon these tools and our body intelligence, Corporate Body Practice aims at generating ease and stability for the daily working relationships in a corporate environment.

It is a fresh and innovative proposition to improve collaborative skills of workers in corporate organizations, introducing movement as a formative practice to develop ease and stability within a group of individuals.

A session builds upon a series of tasks involving the body in relation to space and to a group of others. It gives place to practice, observe and discuss how to use proficiently our body in the complexity of our working contexts.
The video below shows a small insight into a workshop class.

Laurent Delom is a dance maker and researcher who first worked as an engineer  (graduated from Supélec – France in 2008) before turning to dance. He graduated in 2016 from the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp (Belgium) and is now living in Paris. He operates in Belgium, France and Mexico. Besides dance he pursues academic research in transmission of dance skills and in aesthetics.

Presentation leaflet: Corporate Body Practice

More information about the practice and coming workshops: Corporate Body Practice

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