PLATFORM-K – Interview and insight to the creation process of ‘Monkey Mind’

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Platform-K has been attending our Rethinking Bodies symposium in october 2016. Ever since then, we keep in touch, working out future possibilies for collaboration.  

Platform-K is an artistic dance workspace focused on dance and movement. A place where people with disabilities can train and interact with other dancers and creators under professional guidance. They launch projects that challenge people and regular artists to collaborate on new forms of art creation, dance and movement language. They are striving for qualitative dance work with space for experiment, dance vocabulary and improvisation.

Frauke Seynnaeve, artistic employee of Platform-K, was open to share an interview about the creation process of their latest work ‘Monkey Mind’.

To read the complete interview: Insight to the creation process of ‘Monkey Mind’

Monkey Mind is a dance creation of Platform-K and the Argentine choreographer Lisi Estaras. ‘Meeting’ stands central throughout the whole process. To what extent is contact possible between five dancers, three of whom have Down’s syndrome, when they each follow their own train of thought? Lisi Estaras works through association and improvisation and calls that way of working Monkey Mind. The performance is a co-production of les Ballets C de la B and Platform-K, the only professional dance company for dancers with a limitation in Flanders.

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