Dance education in Public Space: Re-designing Spaces

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Contemporary dance education in public space inspires students to discover the potential of their artistry from different perspectives. By confronting the students to different audiences and spaces/contexts we believe that they will develop their craft of performance on multiple levels. It forces them to redefine what performance is, what it mean in different contexts and shifting audiences. It also offers the opportunity to explore and experience the role of dance in society today.

Students are challenged to solve problems instantly within the performative situations that are created. The situation of performing in a ‘pre-choreographed’ environment with different purposes invites students to really engage with the people and sense their environment, which is a perfect situation to transfer their embodied skills into a social context.

During the Intensive Study Program titled Re-Designing Spaces in October 2015 a group of international students were doing just that. By intervening the city the spatial context and meaning of a place shifte. This gives the possibility to define an new relationship between space, performers and audience. 8 choreographers worked on different spots in the public domain of the city tilburg and approached dance by guerrilla techniques, originally from marketing strategies: Performance that pops up and disappears instantly.

Fontys Dance Academy, we also feel the responsability to inspire new audiences to see dance. Fontys Guerrilla Project evolved into the project Making Space, a collaboration for several years with DansBrabant in the city of Tilburg.



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