Reflection on the dance classes for Parkinson from one Parkinson dancer and his wife

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Interview with Ms.Věra and Mr.Hazim by leader of the dance classes Lucie Pfeiferová

Ms.Věra talked in this interview with Lucie (the leader of dance classes in Turnov) about how did Parkinson’s disease influenced their life, about what this project brought to her husband and to her personally.

Ms.Věra is accompanying her husband Hazim to dance classes in frame of the project “Dancing with Parkinson” since September 2016. Mr.Hazim has advanced form of Parkinson’s disease and two times went through small brain stroke. Ms.Věra is always smiling woman full of energy, she is taking active part in the dance classes herself and supports her husband in doing that as well. After one class we had a short talk with Ms.Věra about how she perceives such a project. In the end of this interview Mr.Hazim joined to tell couple of words himself.

L: How did you get to know about the project “Dancing with Parkinson”?

V: It was through Parkinson Club Český ráj, which we are members of. They offered to participate on this pilot project.

L: Why did you decide to join, whose idea was it?

V: Well, I’m following all new possibilities how to be active. I proposed it to my husband and he was immediately in. When he was still healthy, he loved to move, so we were both happy for this opportunity. Actually we are constantly looking for whatever physical activities, for example regular sessions with physiotherapist. My husband and I feel that he has to stay in movement as much as possible to keep the body in the flow, otherwise…

L: How do you perceive this project in this sense?

V: I perceive it very positively! I see how much the activity in the group contributes, in addition to that under good leadership supported with nice music. I see that it does a lot and that the movement is charging us both positively. We have much more sparkle not only the same day, but as well the days after and we are motivated to move and dance at home as well. I observe this motivation on my husband very much.

L: Did you use to dance before?

V: Yes, we did a lot. We went to dance even twice a week to all the balls around here. We liked dancing very much and now we miss it, because my husband cannot deal with the loud music after the brain strokes; it very tiring for him. But even so, from time to time we visit a ball again and even if we don’t dance so much anymore, we enjoy it.

L: So dance is very close to you…

V: Yes (with laughter).

L: What surprised you on such a class, what you didn’t expect?

V: I was very surprised how many people would like to participate and that they come, even if the situation doesn’t allow them to do everything, they are really trying their best. And the very relaxed atmosphere here; I observe how great impact does it have on people.

L: What do you personally enjoy the most on the classes?

V: I’m the most inspired by the environment here, how tight the collective is, and the togetherness in this difficult situation. It’s very uplifting to just see each other again, meet and dance together.

L: What do you think your husband enjoys the most on the classes?

V: He enjoys the contact with the people the most, the fact that he can be amongst the people, work in couple or in the group. He likes this.

L: Would you remember some strong moment from this class or connected with this class?

V: You know the strongest moments for me come when we sit after class together and we give ourselves the space to just sit and talk for a bit. I’m always moved when the older people get triggered during the dance and then they share something from their youth or so, those are very strong experiences for me.

L: What do you think motivates Hazim to move?

V: Well, mostly a good weather. He is experiencing quite swings in this sense, When it is a good weather, he is really motivated; when there is a bad pressure or pressure swing, he is like on a brake…
V to H: What motivates you to move?
H: Here you! I admire your patience with people.
V: And your approach to people is really motivating. The joy, the relaxed atmosphere… When we come here it’s always you who is giving the biggest motivation.

L: What would be Hazim’s favorite body part to move?

V: Definitely his neck! (laughing)
H: Neck and belly.

L: I asked intentionally, because Hazim has unbelievably mobile neck and he’s able to express all the rhythms he perceives by moving the neck…

V: That’s very true.

L: In the end I would like to ask you if you could express what this project brought to your lives.

V: Let me think a bit… (smiling) Definitely it brings us relaxation and at the same time I observe that we are strengthening the whole body, muscles, we exercise the mind and by that we activate the whole being. I experience the way to overall satisfaction.

L: So what you describe, you perceive integration of more aspects?

V: Yes, exactly. It’s amazing project where many more people should participate on.

L: Hazim, would you like to add something?

H: It’s unique, the patience, the devotion to the people, that’s what stimulates us in the group.

L: Thank you very much for this talk! And see you next week.

V: Thanks as well!

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