“Se l´Uomo di Giacometti Camminasse”

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Modena, Italy, June 2016
The project was conceived in collaboration with: Artisti Drama di Modena, Dance Conservatory Duncan centre of Prague, Czech Republic and Music Conservatory Vecchi-Tonnelli of Modena.
Choreography: Teri Weikel
This video is the presentation of a dance and movement workshop of a class of dance students from Duncan centre Prague. The artistic process was inspired by the work of an artist Alberto Giacometti. The activity of this workshop included the practice of the Feldenkrais Method as an explorative base for the creative process for the final choreography.What the students were interested in, was the task of “walking”, which is also one of the basic principles of the dance language. Three students composers from Music Conservatory composed music also inspired from the work of Giacometti and played live during the presentation.
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