Architectural design by movement analysis

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Movement in public space can be executed by dance in public space. Artistic embodied practices can contribute to the experience and development in the public domain. Interesting is that it also the other way around. Architects are also busy with movement in the public space to make their buildings, shaping cities and designing roads to choreograph the movement of people in the space.

Below in the link an article by Bogar Alonso on architectural design created by the spatial movement of people. The article exemplifies how movement can be an inspiration to design public spaces. The traces of movement are translated artificially in the construct of a building.

The article gives insights on movement patterns by people and how they define the space design as well as the functions of a space. An architect can use this information to define the place he or she wants to design and what functions the space will contribute to.

How Motion Can Bring Us Together through Architecture?

Illustration in the article by architect Jacob Esocoff.

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