Book list about Feldenkrais method

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The Potent Self”

Moshe Feldenkrais

In this text Moshe Feldenkrais, founder of the extraordinary Feldenkrais Method, expresses the theoretical principles of his method. The analysis is centered on emotional mechanisms which develop from hereditary behavior from society, from education, from past personal experience; which become repetitive, habitual and inhibit the unfolding of our potential both physical and spiritual.

Embodied Wisdom”

The Collected Papers of Moshe Feldenkrais

edited by: Elizabeth Beringer

An enlightening collection of articles and interviews by Moshe Feldenkrais.

This volume presents Feldenkrais’s most concise and cohesive statements on the theory behind his work. The pieces were originally published in independent journals between 1964 and 1998.

The Master Moves”

Moshe Feldenkrais

In this transcript of Moshe’s five day public workshop held at Mann Ranch in northern California in 1979, the full range of his thinking and his teaching style can be explored. All his major ideas on movement, human development, sensitivity, awareness and so forth are presented both as exposition and exploration through movement lessons.

Dancing to Learn”

by Judith Lynne Hanna

Dancing to Learn: Cognition, Emotion, and Movement explores the rationale for dance as a medium of learning to help engage educators and scientists to explore the underpinnings of dance, and dancers as well as members of the general public who are curious about the new ways of comprehending dance.

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