Dance in Public Space: Performing the Common City After Talk

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The Dance department of Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg, The Netherlands has organized an Intensive Study Program (ISP) Re-Designing Spaces for teachers as well students in October 2015. The ISP is part of the large research Inclusive Dance. The transferable skills of the dance artist. This platform is the outcome of the research, ending in 2017.

This lecture was given by our former lecturer in the lectureship ‘Arts and Society’ and professor in sociology and arts Pascal Gielen (BE). This lecture was given based on his publication “Performing the Common City. Artistic Constitutions of the Public Sphere”.

The lecture connects to the topic of dance and public space on this platform by giving insights and questioning considerations on why and how to perform the public space (over and over again). The public space is at stake according to Gielen and artists are hugely important to re-define the public space on social and engagement terms again, illustrated by current practice examples. Based on sociological research it was proven that artistic practice in public space makes it possible to activate the public domain in a meaningful way in society. This is urgent in a time where public domains are moreover privatized to the highest bidder.

The Lecture was based on this publication:

Gielen is full professor of sociology of art and politics at the Research Center Arts in Society (Groningen University – the Netherlands) and at the Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (Antwerp University – Belgium). He is editor in-chief of the international book series ‘Arts in Society’. His research focuses on the institutional context of the arts and on cultural politics.

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