Dance Education in Public Space: An interdisciplinary Club Event

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Clubevent Fremdkörper is initiated and hosted by Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg, the Netherlands. It is a clubparty and at the same time a performance-event, during which the party crowd is surrounded by 360 degree visual projection and sound. The crowd is never forced to watch the performances, is occasionally invited to ‘come and see’ or asked to make space for a performer. Performance and visuals in a regular club setting, add to a sensation of being capsuled in a lovingly recreated (archetypical) dreamworld.

Fremdkörper is performed by students and recent graduates from the Dance Academy, circus artists from the Academy for Circus and Performance Art (ACaPA), dj’s from the Rockacademy and visual art students from Fontys Art, Communication and Design (ArtCoDe).

Fremdkörpers’ first two editions took place at different club venues in the Netherlands, later being invited at the opening of the International Theater School Festival in Amsterdam and music festival Incubate.
After two editions we now have built a small repertory of very different colorful capsuled performances (movement, costume styling, visual and sound) that allready have been invited to different events, a museum, a big dinner, some outside locations and clubparty’s in the Netherlands (Paradiso Amsterdam, Tramkade Den Bosch, Club Sehnsucht at Amsterdam Dance Event, 24 Hrs Amsterdam, Incubate Tilburg, Night of the Arts Tilburg, Museum De Pont Tilburg, ELIA conference, etcetera).

Fremdkörper Pop Up Capsules
The different club performances at a Fremdkörper event have been created by contemporary choreographers. We see urban acts next to contemporary dance, vogueing next to performance art. All expressions in between commercial and pop-art consist of a ecclectic mix of visual and auditive sensations.
Fremdkörper pop up performances are short (approx. 5-10 minute-long) acts that can be performed at many different locations and occasions: museums, clubs , special events, festivals, public spaces, indoor, outdoor.

Fremdkörper team
Roy Vinclair / Fontys project bureau
Alan Boom / Fontys ArtCoDe
Marc van Loon / Fontys Dance Academy

Dutch text:
Fremdkörper strijkt voor de creatie van haar derde editie neer in de inspirerende en uitdagende omgeving van het Werkwarenhuis aan de Bossche Tramkade. De rauwe omgeving van de oude veevoeder fabriek en de bevlogen ontwerpers van deze ruimte, bieden onderdak aan een leger van performers, choreografen, coördinatoren, visual artists, music producers, een vlogmeisje, een kostuumontwerper en een kritisch dramaturgisch oog.
De performances, in de avond en nacht , worden gecreëerd door 7 hedendaagse choreografen, die met dans- en circusstudenten (in solo, trio’s of groepswerk), 5-10 minuten durende performances maken in nauwe samenwerking met studenten visuele communicatie (ArtCoDe) en music producers van de Rockacademie.

Na het clubfeest in het Werkwarenhuis, zal Fremdkörper Clubevent worden uitgevoerd in Club Smederij in de Tilburgse Spoorzone op 22 april.  Fremdkörper heeft een plug and play- concept ontwikkeld waarbij de losse performances  kunnen worden vertoond op andere plekken (zoals clubs, musea, events). Op 21 april, in de middag, tonen wij het repertoire aan geïnteresseerde festival producers en event managers (voor meer info check: www.fremdkö

Art Direction : Alan Boom (ArtCoDe), Marc van Loon (Dance Academy)

Choreografen: Evangelos Biskas, Erik Bos, Marc van Loon ism Wies Berkhout, Gabriella Maiorino, Guilherme Miotto, Cecilia Moisio, Dario Torterelli

Productie: Roy Vinclair (Project bureau)

Kostuums, haarwerk, MUA: Jeroen Zellenrath (ZELL Producties)

PR & Communicatie: Marleen (Project bureau)

Pre-anouncement to get in the mood:

Blush at Sugar Factory Amsterdam. After our performances at Paradiso, we also got our party on at Sugar Factory!

Geplaatst door Fremdkörper op Zondag 12 april 2015


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