Dance in the Museum: 1. Reflections on Behavior in Public Space

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Workshop Reflections: A series of 5 short films on transferring your movement as a dancer within the context of a museum. A day in the VanAbbe Museum in Eindhoven with choreographer Sara Wookey and a teachers group from dance academies in Antwerp, Prague, Leeds and Tilburg. In this series they share their experiences on a workshop in the museum, performing different roles, exploring ways of moving in the role of museum visitor. How to move in the museum and how can your behavior influence this public domain?

“The transferrable skills of the dance artist will, hopefully, be rendered visible in these projects and the ways they advocate for both the intrinsic and instrumental values of dance in its
return to the museum, a space where we might re-think what being in a shared, designed space might mean and how dance might prompt old and new ways of being together.”

Fontys Dance Department at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg, The Netherlands organized an Intensive Study Program (ISP) Re-Designing Spaces for teachers as well students in October 2015. The ISP is part of the large research Inclusive Dance. The transferable skills of the dance artist. This platform is the outcome of the research, ending in 2017.

The Lecture was given by London based choreographer and writer Sara Wookey (US/UK), based on her new publication “Who Cares: Dance in the Gallery & Museum”, that came out in June 2015 in London. Wookey is experienced in research-based workshops on location, public streets and the metro station. Amongst others, she performed ‘Trio A’ by Yvonne Rainer. She did different projects in museums like Tate Modern & VanAbbe museum. Also she did a research project in Judson Dance Theatre. 


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