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Film Lecture Public Event

Transferable skills: In Dialogue with Andrew Greenwood

Fontys Dance Academy invited Andrew Greenwood to talk about his transfer with Dance for Health foundation. Based on his.

Dance, thinking, hormones

Dr Peter Lovatt is a reader in Psychology and a principal lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, where he.

Dance for Health: Mag ik deze dans van u?

Campaign ‘Mag ik deze dans van u?’ (May I have this dance with you?) was initiated by Dutch organization.

What makes a dance? The Brain As Choreographer, Dancer And Spectator

In this article anthropologist, dancer and researcher in field of dance Judith Lynne Hanna gives a context to.

Neuroscience meets dance/movement therapy: Mirror neurons, the therapeutic process and empathy

This article is an in-depth study in recent discovery of mirror neurons. A keystone of the therapeutic process of.

The neural basis of the human dance

In this indepth study the researchers Steven Brown, Michael J. Martinez and Lawrence M. Parsons investigate the human dance.

Moving / Moved

This text was written as a spontaneous feedback of one of participants of a dance class to the class.

Video dance class for people with PD

This dance class is suited for all the Parkinson / senior dancers, who would like to move and dance.

Action Observation and Acquired Motor Skills: An fMRI Study with Expert Dancers

An indepth research into the mechanics of mirror neurons and their role on motivating the movement by B.Calvo-Merino and.

The Neuroscience of Dance

In this article Steven Brown and Lawrence M. Parsons provide fresh insight into the brain mechanisms behind dance.

The Dancing Brain

How can watching one dance performance, whether classical ballet or the newest modern choreography, be so engaging, even thrilling,.

Reflection on dance classes for Parkinson’s from Lucie (class leader)

In this reflection Lucie shares her process of leading the dance classes with Parkinson's, her aims, her determinations in.

Tereza Vohryzková

by Katerina Dietzova leader of the Feldenkrais classes for people with Parkinson Tereza studied department of Religious studies and Greek at.

Rena Milgrom

by Katerina Dietzova dance therapist, teacher of the dance classes for people with Parkinson’s in Prague (CZ)  Certified Movement Analyst, teacher,.

Marie Serdelova

by Katerina Dietzova teacher of English language, leader of dance classes for children, leader of dance classes for people with.

EXPLORE to get inspired: The road to change and discovery! Learn about current inclusive practices that challenge dance artists to make cross-overs, to re-think their practice and to stretch and strengthen the definition of dance careers.

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