Neuroscience meets dance/movement therapy: Mirror neurons, the therapeutic process and empathy

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This article is an in-depth study in recent discovery of mirror neurons. A keystone of the therapeutic process of dance/movement therapy (DMT), the concept of mirroring, is now the subject of neuroscience. Although DMT embodies empathic forms, until recently their neurological underpinnings have not been studied. This paper addresses the theoretical constructs of the mirror matching mechanism and empathy, and the implications for DMT. Beginning with the basic mapping of important central nervous system structures and their behavioral functions, the focus shifts to the mirror neurons with respect to the formative years and the developmental issues of empathy: attachment, attunement, social cognition and morality. The final section offers two exemplars of mirror neurons and empathy as mediated through dance and DMT.

See here: Neuroscience_meets_dance/movement_therapy


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