Contemporary dance education in public space; Games of Sympathy

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Contemporary dance education in public space inspires students to discover the potential of their artistry from different perspectives. By confronting the students to different audiences and spaces/contexts we believe that they will develop their craft of performance on multiple levels. It forces them to redefine what performance is, what it mean in different contexts and shifting audiences. It also offers the opportunity to explore and experience the role of dance in society today.

Games of Sympathy is a performance co-created by three choreographers for stage, and after adapted to an industrial space in three versions. Each version adapted in one day by a different choreography. The focus of the project is on the process and the form of collaboration without any hierarchy.  It’s a process set up in order to practice sympathy for each others styles and artistic visions, and say yes rather than no to idea’s outside ones preferences.

Fontys Dance Academy, we feel the responsibility to inspire new audiences to see dance, and to exercise an inclusive perspective on dance in different forms.

‘The big game of sympathies; the magical cycle of starting over and over again and to realize that there is no existing truth that can claim all phenomena; not in the arts, not in the world.’ (Eddy Becquart).


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