Inclusive Dance Duet ‘Toelatingsvoorwaarden’ – Inside the Rehearsel Room

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During the classes of LABO Inclusive Dance Platform (LIDP, Antwerp) two dancers decided to create a dance duet together. Wietse vendrig and Sofie Roels have gone a long way in researching different concepts, physical possibilities and creative solutions. ‘Toelatingsvoorwaarden’ (Admission conditions) has a very clear focus: Comply with restrictive features to ALLOW someone IN your bubble, in an OPEN way.

That is the starting point of the duet, danced and created by Sofie Roels and Wietse Vendrig and her wheelchair. Both dancers are looking forward to finding the limitless possibilities within a limit. Looking for how they can meet with their two differently functioning bodies, they dance a way to meet and allow each other. That’s the definition of “Toelatingsvoorwaarden” (a piece of contemporary inclusiondance).

The creation will be presented as graduation piece at Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (30 May) and will be shown at different dance festivals in Belgium.
A short teaser was made: Inside the rehearsel room.

Montage: Thomas Van der Vorst
Film: Nele Vanhaeverbeke

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