Dance education in public Space: Making Space 2016 on Dutch TV

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The Making Space Project, formally known as Guerrilla project, took place from October 17-22 2016 in Tilburg.
The new name Making Space is there to serve as an umbrella name for different kinds of projects in the public space. The coming years we want to explore different ways of relating and creating/performing in the public space. Each year will have a different focus. Making Space is a collaboration together with DansBrabant.

So why do we think that this project is important?
We believe that by shifting the context in which you create and perform, dance artists will develop their potential to the fullest, and be prepared for a career in a working field where the theatre is only one of all “spaces” in which performances are taking place.

This year two fantastic maker duo’s with many years of experience in creating and performing outside the theatre space are invited; The100Hands and Vloeistof. Next to the Sarah Prescimone and Ellis Veldhuizen, BA choreography students .  They have both developed a strong and unique artistic signature where the relation with the audience and their experience plays a big role. See documentaries off previous editions on this site.

Dutch local TV CulTuur from Tilburg made a nice item on the Making Space Project. (item in Dutch)

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