Mirror Salon Series 3: Sharing Research on Transferable Skills

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The teachers had 3 intensive days of lectures and topics on different contemporary topics, which challenged them to re-think dance education, the dance career and skills of a dance artist. After these days they gained intellectual input to take into a work session to work out new ideas together. The core theme of the day was understanding skills of a dance artist and the possibilities and necessities to transfer these skills into other work areas or within society. Behind this idea there is a strong conviction that dance as an artistry is more valuable than providing isolated products and performances. Education and research in dance and developing skills by an embodied practice contains an integrative methodology for learning. What does that bring to the dance artists and how can this be of value for other practices in society?

The concept idea for this day was founded by Kai van Hasselt. The working method was founded on design thinking, a method to prototype your ideas into practice by brainstorming and developing in immersive collaboration. Facilitation was performed by Kai together with Dirk Dumon. Teachers that participated came from the Conservatory Antwerp, Duncan Centre Conservatory, Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds and Fontys Dance Department in Tilburg.

Erasmus+ Project: Inclusive Dance is a 3-year collaborative research program initiated by the Conservatory Antwerp, Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, Duncan Centre Conservatory in Prague and Fontys Dance Department in Tilburg since September 2014. These academies in dance share a research program in the transferable skills of the dance artist by inclusive dance based strategies.

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