Compression/Suspension Therapy for Dancers

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During the ISP event in Prague many students shared with us an inner question: How can somatic practise contribute to my carrier of a dancer at this point of my life (just starting the carrier)?
We were thinking about the issue of motivation for young dancers a lot. Next to other interests which can lead dancers to study somatic methods, we were talking a lot about possibilities of re-patterning the inefficient movement habits and refining the skills in dance techniques, which can help to prevent the injuries or to deal with a demanding movement material in ‘healthy’ way.
We share this article from Erika Berland, Body-Mind Centering practitioner, where she describes how she developed a special practise of Compression/Suspension Therapy for dancers to provide them with the tools, how to refine the their technique and understand better the functionality of own body.

See here: Compression/Suspension therapy for dancers


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