Rethinking Bodies – Symposium 2016 – Integrated Dance Workshop by Adam Benjamin

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Researchers within the dance program of the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp organized for the third time an international symposium for inclusion dance. Specialists in the field of inclusion dance work with the bachelor students of dance from the Royal Conservatory and from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities from Plymouth. Dancers with different (physical) constraints form an enrichment in the student groups, so 80 dancers immerse themselves in boundary projects and processes for three days.

The invitation of different guest teachers (with their own experience in the field and view on inclusive dance) helps the rethinking bodies further in their research and formulation of research questions. It might lead to changing perceptions about integrated dance. And maybe most importantly: students of dance departments get in touch with inclusive dance, their view of dance can change because of working in a group with such a range of different abilities. Diversity. We rethink our body together.

About the workshop

Simple strategies to engage deeply The body is where we start, and this leads us out into a connection with the spaces we move through and the sensibilities that re-inform the body’s journey and ‘knowing’. This play of outward and inner experience leads to our ability to choose and to act in the moment., to be guided by our inner knowing and remain playful in our choices. Adam’s work is highly accessible. He is engaged in a constant research within simple scores that allow for greater freedom and deeper understanding.

“A teacher with a rare vision and a gift for communicating it to others” (The Sunday Times)
Workshop by Adam Benjamin

Film: Lore Loyens
Montage: Royal Conservatoire Antwerp


Adam Benjamin was joint founder and artistic director of CandoCo Dance Company and a pioneer of integrated dance. A long time improviser and a founder member of ‘Five Men Dancing’, he has performed and taught with Kirstie Simson, Rick Nodine, Kim Itoh, Jordi Cortés and Russell Maliphant. His book Making an Entrance (Routledge 2002) is considered a seminal text and he has written extensively on integrated practice and improvisation. Adam is an award winning choreographer who has worked with community groups and professional companies around the world including Vertigo Dance Company and Scottish Dance Theatre. In South Africa, shortly after the dismantling of apartheid, he founded the award winning Tshwaragano Dance Company, the first South African dance company integrated on both racial and disability lines. In Ethiopia he developed the integrated strand for the Adugna Dance Theatre Company. He is currently working with Kyo-Integrated Dance Company in Japan. Adam is a National Teaching Fellow and lectures at Plymouth University.

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