Sarah Whatley – Transcending Boundaries: Improvisation and disability in dance

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Chapter published by the Oxford University Press.
Author: Sarah Whatley

This chapter will explore tensions that emerge through mapping the shifts and turns in the relationship between disability and improvisation in dance in recent years. Drawing from dancers’ own views about the place of improvisation in their making and performance practice, the discussion will reference work that deliberately incorporates improvisation as a device to blur the boundaries between the ‘fixed’ and the fluid. Moreover, examining the writing about improvisation in relation to the writing through improvisation offers another way of recognising the labile nature of the practice that can never be fully captured in writing alone. In tracing, and recounting these different journeys and artist recollections, I hope to demonstrate that improvisation can be a means to be able to transcend the borders between ‘disabled’ and ‘non-disabled’ in dance. (- Sarah Whatley)

Link to article: Transcending Boundaries: Improvisation and disability in dance

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