Dance and Architecture: Architecture and public space in cities

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In order to perform dance in the public space it is useful to understand the public space in itself. Analyzing the space and its functions and connotations can help dance artists to engage more within the space and define their goals to intervene any public space by performing. Below the video with a clear statement on qualities of the public space in an urban context.

This TEDTalk stresses the functions of public space and how contemporary cities are depending on them to build an identity of a city and create a common experience for people. To her opinion, the in-between space as she refers to as public spaces is where the real experience and binding to a city happens. This is where people engage with the environment on a social and behaverial level. The public space makes it possible for people to be together.

Amanda Burden actually criticizes contemporary design of public squares in the city to ignore the meaning of the public domain. The ingredients needed to make people connect to each other and the space are often ignored for aesthetic and practical reasons. Amanda Burden is a behavioral scientist the researches human behavior. She pleas for a different design to respect the individual experience of people into the city.


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