The Feldenkrais Method with Teri Weikel / students and teachers

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The Feldenkrais Method with Teri Weikel

ATM – Awaress Through Movement lesson for students and teachers

ATM San Francisco °1. This ATM was held for both teachers and students during the Intensive Study Program at Conservatory Duncan Centre in Prague.
It is the first of a series of Awareness Through Movement lessons held in San Francisco in 1978 by Mia Segal and Gaby Segal Yaron two Feldenkrais practitioners who worked directly with Moshe Feldenkrais.
The lesson proposes a sequence of movements about rotation of the spine, freeing up the ribs and the breathing. The results of this lesson is towards improving the function of breathing by freeing the diaphragm and improves standing in the vertical plane. Moving is easier and more comfortable.


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