A Cognitive Scientist looks at Dance Making

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In this talk prof. David Kirsh talks about his recent project, where he focuses on how humans think with their body, specifically in dance making and choreographic cognition, and on distributed creativity in movement design. This study is based on his six-year collaboration with Wayne McGregor and Random Dance and the result has been a string of surprising findings about creativity, memory, the nature of practice and physical communication. He presents several of these findings with the aid of video footage and then discusses how those findings generalize to creativity, memory etc. more generally.
Prof. David Kirsh has written extensively on situated and distributed cognition and especially on how the environment can be shaped to simplify and extend cognition, including how we intelligently use space, and how we use external representations to amplify and speed up thought. He runs the Interactive Cognition Lab at UCSD where the focus is human-world coupling, human imagination and designing environments to make us smarter.

See here: http://medias.ircam.fr/x1d03d5


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