Joop Oonk/Misiconi Dance Company – BLOCKS (in Caïro)

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Blocks is a collaborative project that brings together the visitors, citizens and spectators of the city. The objects, in collaboration with the dancers, represent the constantly changing city that builds, interrupts, destroys and rebuilds itself. The constructions within the public sphere change the self-organisation of a city that is endless, always moving towards innovative thoughts about space and time. The performance was developed with local disabled and non-disabled dancers.

Joop Oonk (Founder, Artistic Director of Misiconi Dance Company) was recently asked to choreograph on the D-CAF Festival in Caïro (Egypt). The festival is one of the biggest international art festivals in the Middle-East. Great attention goes to inclusive dance, to show inhabitants in Caïro (and Egypt) a different perspective on disability.
How do different cultures approach dance and disability?

Follow her process, vision and working methods in this article/blog: How BLOCKS was representing my experience

Below a video of the site-specific performance in Caïro

choreographed by Joop Oonk
Visuals, decor, co-creator by Mark Ridder
produced by the D-CAF festival Cairo March 2017

Funding project: D-CAF, Nederlandse Ambassade en Arab Theatre Training Centre ATTC.

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