Participants in Dialogue Series 1: Re-Thinking Bodies

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During all the Intensive Study Programs Re-Thinking Bodies in Antwerp, Re-Designing Spaces in Tilburg and Re-Defining Careers in Prague organized as part of the Erasmus+ project Inclusive Dance a variety of practice-led research was executed. One element of the research were short interviews with participants of the programs, mainly students from the participating academies.

In the ‘Participants in Dialogue Series’ we share some of fragments and compilations of those interviews. We choose to do so to represent a realistic frame of how the participants received the program content and think on the topic themselves. The participants that were interviewed are dance students, one dance recreative invited by Antwerp Conservatory and dance teaching students from Duncan Centre Conservatory, Fontys Dance Department and Antwerp Conservatory.

A variety of thoughts and interests is shared, but also common ground on the different topics. The first interviews were taken during the first ISP Re-Thinking Bodies in Antwerp in May 2015. Anne-Marije van den Bersselaar from Fontys Dance Department performed the talks in between inclusion dance workshops and interviews. She is part of the Erasmus+ Inclusive dance team as researcher and content designer.

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