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Transformative Practice: Conflict as a Place of Possibility

  Our approach to conflict is not a fixed part of our character, it is learned behavour that we can.

Dance Education & Public Space: Making Space 2017

Aftermovie of Making Space 2017 [embed][/embed]
Film Lecture

Is Public Space Public Good?

The City Program hosted a Warren Gill Memorial Lecture February 21, 2013, at SFU Vancouver. Mark Kingwell, an author.
Film Lecture

A different Approach on Performance & Gender Representation

Choreographer Nita Liem and international acclaimed dancer, studies how women and men move. Go big and go home.   [embed][/embed]

Learning to Learn anything: The Art of Business

Inspiring TEDTalk on how to learn to transfer all knowledge & skills in any kind of practice: Josh Kaufman is.

Inclusive Dance and Theatre Compagnies – Map

The map contains an overview of the professional inclusive dance and theatre compagnies in Europe, with a specific focus.

LABO 2016 – Movement research in class – Exploration Part 1

LABO Inclusive Dance Platform (LIDP) is a research project for inclusive dance practice (2015 - 2017) at the Royal.

Caroline Bowditch – The Mosquito Effect

What are the similarities between a mosquito and a Dance Agent for Change? Both small? Yes. Both persistent? Definitely!.

Jürg Koch – Find your own pace and move together

Jürg Koch has been made aware of the progressive teaching approach at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp through the.
Article Film

Together as one – Pamoja Dance Group (Nairobi, Kenia)

Pamoja Dance Group (led by Joseph Kanyenje, the current artistic director) is a mixed and inclusive group with a program.
Interview Public Event

Participants in Dialogue Series 1: Re-Thinking Bodies

During all the Intensive Study Programs Re-Thinking Bodies in Antwerp, Re-Designing Spaces in Tilburg and Re-Defining Careers in Prague.

Disability, the dancer and the dance with specific reference to three choreographers: Caroline Bowditch, Marc Brew and Claire Cunningham

Author: G. Williams Abstract: This thesis offers critical exploration of the intersection of four elements within the historical space, or field, of.

Art and Disability: Intersecting Identities among Young Artists with Disabilities

Authors: - Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski / University of Massachusetts Boston - Heike Boeltzig / University of Massachusetts Boston - Rooshey Hasnain / 

Jenny Sealey/ Graeae Theatre Company – Sidelined

Jenny Sealey, Artistic Director and CEO of Graeae Theatre Company, talks about the closure (june 2015) of the Independent Living.

“Letting the art speak” – Touch Compass Dance Company (New Zealand)

Lecture by Chaterine Chappell and Karen Fraser-Payne which gives an insight in the foundation and evolution throughout the years.

EXPLORE to get inspired: The road to change and discovery! Learn about current inclusive practices that challenge dance artists to make cross-overs, to re-think their practice and to stretch and strengthen the definition of dance careers.

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