Second career of the dancer

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Lecture and debate with Jana Bohutínská about the second career of the dancer and about the Foundation Fund for dance career.

Jana Bohutínská is a freelance coach, journalist and writer focusing on art, culture, business and personal development and a researcher. She is an organiser of workshops and she also co-operates with Dance Career Endowment Fund. She studied theatre science and aesthetics at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Charles University in Prague. She has also attended several workshops on marketing, theatre criticism, creative writing and copywriting, as well as coach training courses.

“I have many passions in coaching and one of them is a change. I am interested in changes of boarders among branches and views, personal changes or career changes. I think, every process of change is an opportunity for deeper focusing on who we are and what is our mission. Every process of change could be the possibility to shift our inner perspectives and to be more creative. Change and creativity are the siblings for me.”

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