‘Art-work: Beyond a cycle of dependence’

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Written by Mutsumi Karasaki, Department of Sociology, University of Amsterdam, and Joop Oonk, Founder, Artistic Director Misiconi Dance Company

The Netherlands 21-12-2016

Art-work: Beyond a cycle of dependence’ is an article written to dig deeper into the independance of dancers and artists with a disability. The payment system of the disabled artist (like the Wajong) specifically in the Netherlands and in other countries might be reason why we don’t take inclusive arts not that serious. At this moment they are seen as incapable to contribute to the economic prosperity of the country and not productive enough to be able to earn an honest amount of money for their work.
Next to that Joop and Mutsumi are talking about the benefits of inclusive art for the performers, as well as their artistic merit based on how their performances can affect and move the audience. We need to get rid of the idea that inclusive arts is only a charitable practice or part of a therapy, rather than a professional occupation and practice.
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