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Caroline Bowditch – The Mosquito Effect

What are the similarities between a mosquito and a Dance Agent for Change? Both small? Yes. Both persistent? Definitely!.

Jürg Koch – Find your own pace and move together

Jürg Koch has been made aware of the progressive teaching approach at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp through the.
Article Film

Together as one – Pamoja Dance Group (Nairobi, Kenia)

Pamoja Dance Group (led by Joseph Kanyenje, the current artistic director) is a mixed and inclusive group with a program.

Art and Disability: Intersecting Identities among Young Artists with Disabilities

Authors: - Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski / University of Massachusetts Boston - Heike Boeltzig / University of Massachusetts Boston - Rooshey Hasnain / 

Jenny Sealey/ Graeae Theatre Company – Sidelined

Jenny Sealey, Artistic Director and CEO of Graeae Theatre Company, talks about the closure (june 2015) of the Independent Living.

Dis/ability on Display: Performance, Practice, and Integration of Dancers with Physical Disabilities

Author: Debbie Mausner Senior Thesis in Dance, Barnard Department of Dance "For my senior thesis, I’m writing about the integration of.

“Letting the art speak” – Touch Compass Dance Company (New Zealand)

Lecture by Chaterine Chappell and Karen Fraser-Payne which gives an insight in the foundation and evolution throughout the years.
Film Interview

Colin Hambrook and Dr Paul A. Darke – The past, present and future Direction of Disability Arts

Dr Paul A. Darke is in conversation with Colin Hambrook - editor of Disability Arts Online. Colin and Paul.

Disabled Dance: Grounding the Practice in the Law of ‘Cultural Heritage’

Is disabled dance a part of our 'cultural heritage'? It is undeniable that the arts, broadly understood, hold great importance.

FACE ON – Disability Arts in Ireland and Beyond

INTRODUCTION What is disability culture, how does it come into being, how do I find a place in it? These.
Article Film

Iris Bouche – Cutting Space (Integrated Dance Research)

In 2012, Iris Bouche and musicians/composers Kobe Proesmans and Gerrit Valkenaers worked on a new piece 'Cutting Space'. In this dance.

Alice Sheppard on Disability Dance and Access

Alice Sheppard (US) is a dancer who is able to engage with her former academic life by giving.

‘Art-work: Beyond a cycle of dependence’

Written by Mutsumi Karasaki, Department of Sociology, University of Amsterdam, and Joop Oonk, Founder, Artistic Director Misiconi Dance Company The.

Ann Cooper Albright – Negotiating the Disabled Body in Dance

Article written by Ann Cooper Albright (dance professor), containing a reflection and explanation about her self-choreographed and danced piece.
Film Interview

Stine Nilsen – The Evolution of the Arts: Twisting Perceptions

Stine Nilsen gives an inspiring Tedx Talk at the TedxWarwickSalon on 'the evolution of the arts'. Her talk shows that.

EXPLORE to get inspired: The road to change and discovery! Learn about current inclusive practices that challenge dance artists to make cross-overs, to re-think their practice and to stretch and strengthen the definition of dance careers.

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