Why dance for Parkinson’s Disease

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Dance for PD is a special dance program developed by Mark Morrison Dance Group from Brooklyn in New York. Mark Morrison Dance Group was one of the first professional companies, which decided to dedicate next to their professional artistic activities to the community activities as well. Next to that, there was simultaneous research into the work with people with Parkinsons from Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT), where for example Janet Hamburg was intensively busy with this and collected results of her several years research in a DVD Motivating Moves. There is a certain difference between the approach of Dance for PD program towards giving classes in this context and the approach of DMT.
The Dance for PD program uses mainly the vocabulary of their company: simple ballet vocabulary for work of arms and legs, simple steps, short choreographies adjusted to the level and conditions of the Parkinson dancers.
The running research in Duncan Centre Conservatory is shifting the focus more on possible use of improvisation and somatic approaches in these classes to target not only the physical mobility and the social benefits, but as well to extend the link towards self-expression, self-awareness and research of personal abilities and strengths within and in respect towards the community of the others.

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