FACE ON – Disability Arts in Ireland and Beyond

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What is disability culture, how does it come into being, how do I find a place in it? These are the questions that animate many of the contributions in this rich and powerfull collection. Many different disabled people share their journeys into a realm of teneously shared experience, into a space, a way of seeing, feeling and experiencing the world we call ‘crip culture’. It moves me to see how diverse these ways are, and how hard it was for many to find that connection with other disabled people, to find ways of working as cultural producers that were not oppressive to their difference, and that were fed by their own sensuality and sense of beauty, not the dominant culture’s ideas of art and culture. (- by Petra Kuppers)

Featuring 24 contributions from key thinkers and artists from different disciplines, this thought provoking collection contained compelling, engaging, honest and often humorous accounts of artists’ personal experiences of disability in terms of both their lives as artists and their identities. ‘FACE ON: Disability Arts from Ireland and Beyond’ was published by ADI in 2007 in partnership with CREATE, the national development agency for collaborative arts.

Find the publication online: FACE ON – Disability Arts in Ireland and Beyond

For more information and publications on this topic: Arts & Disability Ireland

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