Jenny Sealey/ Graeae Theatre Company – Sidelined

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Jenny Sealey, Artistic Director and CEO of Graeae Theatre Company, talks about the closure (june 2015) of the Independent Living Fund (UK) and its consequences for disabled people/artists. The closure of this fund is breaching Human Rights.

-> If you’re interested in this theme, see: ‘Art-work: Beyond a cycle of dependence’
Talking about the payment system of the disabled artist in the Netherlands.

People who have a lot to give to society, don’t get the chance because off little access to it. They are sidelined. So how can disabled people be enabled in their efforts to give their great contributions to society?

The video below is talking about ‘disability’, ‘human rights’ and ‘the right to contribute to society’ in general terms of speaking. Off course, this video also goes up for all the disabled artists who are seen as ‘worth less’ then other artists, whatever art they practice.

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